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The Flatwillow Ranch is located 87 miles north of Billings, MT and 13 miles south of Winnett, MT on Highway 244 at the little community of Flatwillow, MT in Petroleum County.


Deeded:                         26,245+/- acres

BLM- 8 Permits:               6,757+/- acres      

State Lease:                    1,920+/- acres

Total:                              34,922+/- acres


This ranch was broken out of sod in the 80’s and was the main headquarters for the First Continental Farming Operation in the Musselshell and Petroleum Counties.  When acquired by the Klamert Family the operation turned more to a diverse grain, cattle, and feeding operation.  Corrals, feedlots, calving barns, and supporting buildings were constructed for the base.


The ranch has a newer 2,000 sq. ft. manager’s home with attached garage and full basement.  There are also three older homes on the ranch.  It has a full machine shop with storage on both sides for machinery or hay.  There are seven 60,000 bu. grain bins and numerous hopper bottom and grain handling facilities.

The livestock corrals are primarily steel construction with pole barns, Quonset hut, and windbreak. 

The area is set up to winter 2,000 head.  Protection along the six miles of Flatwillow Creek also provide excellent wintering areas.

Water Rights:

The ranch has some of the best water rights on Flatwillow Creek.  A full list of those can be obtained at the Broker’s office.  The owner is currently installing two Valley Pivot Sprinklers.  The balance of the bottom land is flood irrigated.


Pheasant hunting on the Flatwillow is some of the best in Central Montana.  Both whitetail and mule deer are found on the ranch along with a full supply of pronghorn antelope. 

The BLM acres are, for the most part, not publicly accessible making the ranch a private hunting preserve. 

Some other upland game birds and sage hens do frequent the area.


The Flatwillow Ranch has been in operation for the past 20 years by the Klamert Family.

This offering is the base unit for the entire ranch holdings in the Winnett, Roundup, and Melstone areas. 

Headquarters consist of three homes, feedlot, grain storage, irrigated bottoms and wintering areas, corrals, shops, barns, and scales.

It is a fully operating unit as is most of the 13,000+/- acres of farmland either in CRP or planted to forage crop.   The 4,000 acres along Flatwillow Creek is some of the most productive bottoms in the County.